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Icons for the easily amused
Did you miss me? Also, I apologize for the icons being out of order. Hopefully it won't bother you OCD folks too much *cough Rini cough*

11 GAM (from the Melodies pv)
10 Ogawa Makoto
5 Hellsing fanart
4 Takahashi Ai
3 Melon Kinenbi
2 Oku Manami
2 Vampire Princess Miyu
2 Inoue Mao
2 Kamenashi Kazuya
2 Ishikawa Rika
2 Leah Dizon
2 Konno Asami
2 Kimura Ayaka
1 Aural Vampire
1 Matsumoto Jun
1 Kamei Eri
1 Akame
1 Hara Mikie
1 Nishikido Ryo

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Hey, guys... *hangs head* Been a while, yeah. I've amassed a lot of icons in my absence though. I think I missed some in this post too XD

Icons are generally newest to oldest in order. (I really have refined my skillz, haha, and you can see it. I've yet to pick a style, so this batch is a bunch of different styles.)

[14]Morning Musume (2 or more members in each icon)
-[16]Reina Tanaka
-[08]Eri Kamei
-[05]Koharu Kusumi
-[04]Aika Mitsui
-[01]Ai Takahashi
-[03]Miki Fujimoto (1 w/ Aya Matsuura)
-[01]Mari Yaguchi
-[02]Asami Konno
-[02]Nozomi Tsuji
[11]'I Support [h!p girl/group] Because' icons
(featuring: JunJun, Koharu, Aika, Yossie, Yuko Nakazawa, Mai Satoda, Mari Yaguchi, Nozomi Tsuji, Inaba, Ai Kago {hehehe}, & Ecomoni.)
[04]Heisehui Meimei
[01]Chieco Kawabe
[04]Misc Quotes
[17]Queer As Folk
[09]Trashbin AKA the ones I can't stand.
Total: 118 icons. Holy schnikies.

[x]Credit is necessary
[x]Comments are sweet
[x]If you hotlink my icons, through a straw you will eat. Hahaha.

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Hi everybody! It's been ages since the last update in this community, huh? I'm Rina, the new maintainer here. The majority of my icons will be either Hello!Project, AKB48, Hannibal Lecter, or vampire related. I'm new to icons (I started making them yesterday!), so expect to see me making improvements as we go along!

04 Takahashi Ai
01 Miyoshi Erika
03 Mitsui Aika
05 Kusumi Koharu
01 Ishikawa Rika
01 Fujimoto Miki

Total: 15

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Comments make me smile, credit is necessary.

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This is a completely Hello! Project post. Embrace the love, people, EMBRACE IT.

[15] Megu (1 w/ Reina, 1 w/ Airi)
[06] Reina (1 w/ Taka)
[02] Eri
[01] Airi

So only 24 icons this time. Meh. Take a look anyways.

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Hi, and welcome to sugoicon! Here's what I have in store for you, my pretties. *evil laugh*:

[12]Hello!Project (Ai-chan's new PB, Sexy Boy icons)
[05]Ayumi Hamasaki
[12]Misc. Movies (Drive Me Crazy, Josie and the Pussycats, Halloweentown, Singin' in the Rain, Mean Girls, Virgin Suicides)
[05]Misc. Music {P!ATD, Quotes from Frou Frou and Straylight Run)

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